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What We Believe



The Holy Spirit gave birth to The Crossing Point Ministry in Atlanta, Ga. in December, 1970 through Rev. Sarah Edwards.  She is the Senior Pastor.   The Ministry’s name was given to        her from Jeremiah 6:16.  God’s charge was  for The Crossing Point to plant seeds that would awaken the Church from their slumbering unto His righteousness; and it is four-fold:

[1] To teach His Word; the Bible historically, culturally and contextually correct so that people will become  challenged to examine themselves; in order to choose to make the necessary corrections in their lives in order for Him to take pleasure with our lifestyle choices; as  God takes no pleasure in judging any of us.

In addition, The Crossing Point mandate included

[2] Establishing a variety of marketplace or business ministries and workshops that teach Biblical principles that insures financial success.

[3] Teach how to utilize the arts to inspire people to embrace the beauty of Holiness.   And

[4]  To take the airwaves for His glory, alone.

In 1999; The Lord spoke to Rev. Edwards’ heart to return home; ‘As He had heard the prayers of His people in South St. Petersburg; for Him to lift the heavy arm of oppression that had been laid upon them’.  She was shown in an open vision a large tarantula spider with a scorpion tail as being the principality over St. Pete.  Its design was to seduce, control and destroy all hope and trust in God from His people.  By devaluing their self-worth that is only found in Him, as their Lord God.   Rev. Edwards was assured that everyone and everything that she would need would be provided.   And as Nehemiah had done; she too was to re-acclimate herself to the city in which she was born and was raised up in; and to stay behind His wall of protection.

In 2002, Rev. Edwards Missionary Journey to St. Petersburg, FL. and to South St. Pete. Meetings are also being held at public facilities i.e. YMCA, YWCA, Library, hotels, and other church houses, etc.

Training is available for professional volunteers as Praise leaders, Youth minister and Secretary positions that are now available at The Crossing Point. FMI:  [email protected]